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Homeschool Learning Pods 


TK-8th Grade
Starts Sept 6th, 2022


Lizzy’s Schoolhouse Pods are groups of like-minded families with same aged children who learn in small groups with an experienced teacher. Students are split into groups of sequential age, ie; TK-1st,  6th-8th.

We mimic a traditional school with components of a nurturing homeschool program. Students will have a curriculum that enhances the school day with core subjects and activities that are of interest to the students. Other topics could include PE, social-emotional learning activities, art, music, STEM, etc. 


The Homeschool Pods meet at Lizzy’s Schoolhouse in Sherman Oaks. We conduct activities outdoors and in a classroom. Masks are not required. 

 Our goal is to provide a space where students can continue their schooling while ensuring they receive the benefits of an in-person educational experience.

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Fall 2022


Blue Ridge Academy Vendor

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